Thư ngỏ

Established in 2013 and developing with the desire to make contribution for improving living standards of Vietnamese people, Tam Hieu Trade and Services JSC is specialized in field of importing chemical products, cosmetic and consumer goods from Japan. 
With the message “Place of Belief Convergence”, we always consider the belief of partners, customers and our staff as the driving force and foundation of our all activities. Therefore, we have made endless efforts to improve the supply quality with a view to providing the customers nationwide with the products of the best quality from Japan. With the success that a network of nearly 100 distributors, more than 1000 cosmetic agencies, supermarkets over 63 provinces and cities have been established, Tam Hieu has won high reputation as the first leading distributor of Japanese products in Vietnam with the motto “Japanese quality – life value – consumption quintessence” 
The achievements gained by Tam Hieu today are always coupled with the supports from all valuable customers and partners. Please let us convey our sincere thanks to all of you and desire our cooperation to be more and more stronger and closer.
Tam Hieu believe that what stated in this profile will help you get insight of our company and spirit – the spirit of a Vietnamese enterprise which always use its best endeavour and thirsty for dedication.