Energy development

Vision: With the sustainable development strategy and long-term vision, Tam Hieu is planned to become the first leading importer and distributor of Japanese cosmetic and consumer goods in Vietnam.
Mission: Taking its part to promote Vietnamese beauty and improve the living standards of Vietnamese people with the products of Japanese quality.
Core value:
•    Customers are the center: With the motto “Sustained improvement for customers’ benefits”, all of our activities are towards the satisfaction of the customers, considered them as the driving force for all quality and service improvements. 
•    Professional service: We determined the professional service to be the core factor proving our position as a leading distributor and try our best to non-stop improve efficiency of all activities including organization, sale, marketing, technical and transportation services. 
•    Trustworthy partner: We guarantee to ensure benefits, protect prestige and brand of our partners in the same manner to protect our brand. 
•    Human resource is tremendous asset: We considered it the motivation and spine of our development and constantly develop this human resource, build up business culture as strong and solidary. 
•    Mutual benefits: All of our